Role of Artificial Intelligence In Salesforce Industry

Salesforce is believed to be one of the most prominent leaders in the market when it comes to cloud computing. There are no other such companies in the internet world that has set legacy in cloud computing as Salesforce has laid it down. Since it has set a new paradigm in cloud computing, the company has succeeded to transform itself from an IT giant into a full-fledged industry that we call it as Salesforce industry. But, people, who has little acquaintance with cloud-based technology, wonder, what is such that Salesforce has done to transition itself a company into an industry. The answer is – incorporation of artificial intelligence.

The exposure of artificial intelligence (AI) is confined; it’s yet the hottest topic of global IT-led world. People are curious to know what is so good about AI that can enable Salesforce industry and cloud computing operate in an improved manner. But, before you move ahead to realize the role of artificial intelligence in Salesforce industry, better have an understanding of what it’s all about.

Artificial intelligence is no different than human intelligence. Though it has no parity with human intelligence, it has big implications on how we live our lives and how it can enhance the functioning of software and mechanical systems. AI is intended to induce brain into machine and software systems to enable automation of tasks that a machine, software or a web-based tool is supposed to commence manually. In a wide sense, Ai is meant to make most of our jobs easier and more productive.

Salesforce’s Einstein and IBM’s Watson – What This Collaboration is meant for Industries

Salesforce, which came into being in 1999 as company offering ‘software as a service’ (SaaS) made headlines recently when it announced collaboration of its AI platform with IBM’s Watson. Being a landmark strategic partnership, the collaboration of two IT giants can ensure elimination of key complexities of AI. It can make artificial intelligence accessible to all industries and companies irrespective of their type and size. From sales to marketing and commerce to services, incorporating AI can enhance operation of all industries helping them enable their functioning and operation and offering customers a more predictive and productive experience.

Why is AI Significant to Salesforce Industry?

Salesforce operates on a meta-data driven platform and thus it can be customized on-demand for every single customer and client. Salesforce is not meant just to deliver AI with its cloud-based services; it’s also endeavoring to make its cloud platform customizable as per users’ demand. Artificial intelligence and that with high-end customization feature; Salesforce’s Einstein self-tunes every online undertaking that is to be commenced on cloud. AI, in the current IT era, can offer a complete makeover to work style and functioning of every industry making them more inventive and functional than they used to be in older age. Unleashing new levels of productivity, AI with cloud services can augment everyone’s personal and professional lives.

The demand of AI-powered systems is already high as companies are concerned to increase their stake in the competitive market. AI has now become a significant thing and will increase over a period of time in coming years how it turns into a cornerstone part of all industrial undertakings.


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