Role of Artificial Intelligence In Salesforce Industry

According to John McCarthy, who is the father of Artificial Intelligence, an AI is “The science and designing of making intelligent machines, especially intelligent PC programs”. Artificial intelligence is a way of making a computer robot or a software think intelligently same as an intelligent human thinks. Artificial Intelligence (AI) is the concept of having machines “think like humans”. AI has a huge effect on your life. Whether you are aware or not, it has already influenced your life style and it is very much likely to grow in coming years.

So, what is AI?

AI is not killer robots, it is killer technology. Artificial Intelligence (AI) is the concept of having machines “think like humans” – in other words, perform tasks like reasoning, planning, learning, and understanding language.

Customer focused AI: Salesforce Einstein

Salesforce Consulting Companies are focusing on creating a platform for solving the customer problems across Sales, Service, Marketing and IT in a completely new way by using Salesforce Einstein.

Salesforce Company is built into the core of the Salesforce Platform. It enables anyone to use clicks or code to build AI-powered apps.

With Salesforce Einstein, we can have answer of these type of questions:

– Are you sure that you are servicing your customers by the right client?

– Are you sure that your customers are getting services on the right channel?

– Is it correct to say that you are offering the right item to the right customer at the right time?

– Is it correct to say that you are using the right channel for marketing your products at perfect time with best substance?

Salesforce Einstein is your data scientist

Einstein is like having your own data scientist dedicated to bringing AI to every customer relationship. It learns from all your data – CRM data, email, calendar, social, ERP, and IoT – and delivers predictions and recommendations in context of what you’re trying to do.

Who can use AI in the enterprise?

Anyone in organization can easily use AI to analyze their data, predict and plan next steps, and automate their tasks and decisions. With Einstein’s comprehensive AI for CRM:

  • Sales can anticipate next opportunities and exceed customer expectations by knowing what a customer needs before the customer does
  • Service can deliver proactive service by anticipating cases and resolving issues before they become problems
  • Marketing can create predictive journeys and personalize customer experiences like never before
  • IT can embed intelligence everywhere and create smarter apps for employees and customers

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