Salesforce Cloud Platform

Why Switch To A Cloud Platform To Manage Your Business?

  • Execution of business using some cloud platform is the contemporary move.
  • Anyone can attain single source of information in synchronise manner.
  • Saves money and time, you don’t need any server or IT to manage and pay.
  • Same data can be access from office, home, mobile phone, laptop anyplace you are.
  • Easily Assimilate/arrange systems, fragment data and robotise processes.
  • Conspire with entire organisation.
  • Accommodate clarity within the team.
  • Conduct and measure the information.
  • Concrete metrics.

Why Salesforce?

  • Earlier, many cloud based platforms also known as CRMs( Customer Relationship Management Systems) is used to manage customer relationships but now Salesforce can conduct any formation in the organisation.
  • Salesforce is the primary cloud platform; one can customise it as per their requirement/need.
  • The add-on applications give exclusive/uncommon processes which are required immediately.
  • Every year, Salesforce endure to upgrade and add features with four new releases.
  • There are many cloud based platforms, also known as CRMs, Customer Relationship Management systems. CRM is the old term because these cloud systems used to be used to just manage customer relationships but now they can manage any process.
  • Salesforce is the leading cloud platform.
  • Highly customisable. You can do anything pretty much.
  • Tons of existing add-on apps give you unique processes needed immediately.
  • Salesforce continues to improve and add features with 4 new releases each year.

How Do I Implement/Apply Salesforce?

  • Find out which edition you require.
  • Range of editions started from $25-$135/user/month.
  • Either you can implement it by your own or get help from a consulting partner like us.
  • Your consulting partner gives you the estimate quotation of implementation.
  • Settle to move forward after interpret the total cost.

What Salesforce Edition Should I Get?

You don’t need to put efforts on developing the editions, different editions has come with divergent features & adequacy and range from $25-$135 per user per month

Lightning Professional – $75/User/Month

This is a complete CRM system, can be operated by unlimited number of users. You can easily track your products and prices and add those products to your opportunities. If you want to create quotes and see pricebooks inside Salesforce then this edition is appropriate. You can customise the dashboards to see the data if standard dashboards are not working. It can record any type of campaign manually by creating a campaign and child campaigns. This edition provides web 2 case; you can put a form on your website and generate the case record in Salesforce. You can also send mass emails to your leads and get API access so you can do integrations with other systems.

Lightning Enterprise – $150/User/Month

This is extensively used version of Salesforce, can be used by unlimited number of users. It can help you setup complicated approval processes. You can update fields, send email templates, assign tasks and automatically change the owner you choose on any criteria. This edition allows for varied customization and you can edit the profiles and page layouts. It includes API and APEX custom code; now you can generate apex triggers, classes and visual force. One can easily automate things and display information, any manner they want. In this edition, you can get various customer service features like service contracts, service console, entitlements tracking.

Lightning Unlimited – $300.00 Per User Per Month

The name is enough to tell about this edition, can be used by unlimited number of users. You can get unlimited customised applications and around 2000 custom objects. It gives you approach to unlimited online training, 24*7 toll free support and over 100 admin services. Customise the tabs and applications which will fit your business and give access to your admins for development and testing. Apart from all, it gives you all the enterprise features and additional data storage.

Platform/Force.Com – $25-$75/User/Month

In this edition, user can’t get any out of the box functionality like leads, opportunity tracking, campaigns, products, cases etc. but you can customise like Enterprise edition with Apex, API, Workflows, Accounts and contacts. To authorise and modify your Salesforce, you will need one admin license which costs $50/per/month.

Why Get a Partner to Implement?

  • For quick and error-free implementation.
  • To handle your business with smart strategies and structure, consult the experts.
  • Experts will help you in how to operate and give you the options.
  • Consulting partners will help you to start from the right track.
  • You don’t need to hinder with internal resources to learn and setup.

What Is The Process To Implement Salesforce?
Whether You Are Going To Implement It By Yourself Or Get A Consultant Partner, Implementation Process Is As Follows:

  • Analyse the business course involving key players.
  • Using Salesforce platform analyse how to maintain the process and accordingly create a plan.
  • Be a creative thinker, recognise your tools and determine the working solutions to meet the objectives.
  • Look out the tasks, development and customisations need to be fulfilled.
  • Generate the customisations and development in Salesforce as per your business need.
  • Analyse and test the new structure.
  • Give access and training to key people.

How Much Will It Cost To Implement And How Long Will It Takes?
The Most Cost Effective Package For Implementation Starts From $500 And Will Take Around 1-15 Days To Implement.
It Incorporates:

  • Our Salesforce consultant gives you 4 hour remote screen share session.
  • This package is created for one who can need the help to start and quickly grasp the information.
  • You can promptly start with basic customisations and training and can target on the commonly used features.
  • We provide training just to give you an idea, if you want to understand resources and features, we will give you more training.
  • Our consultants analyse your business process and help you understand the Salesforce platform and efficiency.

After Understanding Your Business Process Or Consultants Modify The Platform Which Fits Into It Like:

  • Generate custom objects
  • Generate custom fields.
  • Generate custom list views.
  • Generate reports and dashboards
  • Generate users, profiles, sharing rules, security permissions.
  • Generate workflows and validation rules.
  • Modifying page layouts
  • Consultants will give you training on how to modify and operate the system.
  • For future reference, we will provide you the video links and recorded training sessions.
  • There are other implementations, which can start from 50$ to any number
  • An average Salesforce implementation project will take 2 to 8 weeks.
  • To get an instant estimate, use our Salesforce Project Estimator Wizard.