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Cost Effective Salesforce Implementation

$1000 / 1-15 days

The Package Is Designed

For highly information efficient people who know how to best exploit the available resources for great business results.

  • To quickly assist with basic business customizations in place, allowing necessary training to employ features to be used most as per the peculiar business of our clients.
  • With intrinsic training module. Learn at your pace, as and when you can with at the material at your disposal.

The Package Includes

  • A 2-hour remote screenshare session with our Salesforce Consulting Expert.
  • Freedom to work out on time and sessions (though some suggestions are included below for you to better plan your time).

Topics Suggested to be Undertaken in Sessions

  • Business process review.
  • Introduction to the Salesforce platform and what it can do for your business.
  • Slight tweaking in the platform to make it respond to specific requirements of your business process, like:
    • a) Introducing fields, objects, list views, reports, dashboard, rules & permissions unique to your process.
    • b) Including modifications of page layouts, tabs.
  • Training to guide using the system, focusing specifically on navigation, as well as creation of field and objects, workflows, and tracking activities.
  • Learning to use documentation, leading to better recording, tracking and analysis of business process and its performance.

If You Need More?

The package is laid out in a manner to get you going effectively almost immediately, assisted by the suitable modifications in the platform made (and to be made) by you. Still if you feel there is something more your business needs, we are always there for you. You just need to let us know.

Getting Ready for the session

  • Getting your Salesforce platform (trial / paid) version ahead of consulting is the best way to beginning. If you are bit uncertain about the version to take, a meeting with our expert consultant would offer you the clarity you seek.
  • Sketch out your business process in an easy and detailed manner, say flowchart or spreadsheets, but not verbose, reflecting the potential needs to be addressed where Salesforce can assist you.
  • Keep current records and tracking systems at ready to refer to if needed.
  • List out the features you reckon to be implemented, leaving out topics you deem unimportant.

All Set for Your Session with Us?

Provide the details required in the form below, followed by paying the requisite fee.

Use our scheduling tool to time the remote consulting session at your suitable time. The required links for conference as well as screenshare are included.