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SFDC HERO for the month of March

Meet Enrico, SaaSnic Technologies 3rd SFDC Hero for the month of March. He is an experienced Salesforce professional who holds 18 Salesforce certification. He has expertise in Salesforce architecture and programming. He always willing to learn new SFDC features. He developed organizer tool for Salesforce development and Admins. He is a technology nerd, so he tries to always be up to date with all new Salesforce products. He has the ability to write accurate codes for salesforce development. His key skills are:
  • Force.com Development
  • Integration and Configuration
  • HTML5 development
  • Heroku
  • NodeJS
  • Javascript / JSON / XML
  • Salesforce APEX, Visual Force, Aura
He gives his contributions to Salesforce communities and has a constant huger to learn something new in salesforce development. SaaSnic Technologies’ wish him a bright future in the Salesforce industry as present.

Q. When you have started your Career in Salesforce?

I started working with Salesforce at the beginning of 2009 when I joined WebResults, but before that time I hadn't heard anything about the platform. I have to say that it was a love at first sight: from that day I joined the Ohana and never got out!

Q. How you came to know about Salesforce?

It's all thanks to my company...I wonder what would have happened if I weren't hired!

Q. What are your Salesforce expertise?

I currently hold 18 Salesforce certifications and I'm about to start my path to the final CTA board. I'm a problem solver, I love to find ways to solve problems in the projects I work in and try to share my expertise with my friends and colleagues. I'm a technology nerd, so I try to always be up to date with all new Salesforce products (but in the last years it is really difficult with our high speed growing platform!) I also love, when I have enough time, to learn new programming languages and make them "speak Salesforce".

Q. What you want to do for the Salesforce community?

I want to keep sharing my expertise with everyone, through my blog, trailblazer forum, DUG leading and, mostly, through my beloved ORGanizer free extension, which it's evolving day by day thanks to the Salesforce Ohana support: freshly baked features release after release.

Q. What are your further plans for the betterment of the Salesforce?

I want to build more open source content on my blog and GitHub account and increase the involvement in these kind of projects. Non-profit is also a word that I would like to use more frequently in the next future!


Q. Any ideas you want to share for the improvement of Salesforce?

Perfection is a target and I believe Salesforce constantly points toward the right direction. There is always something that can be improved but I use to see the glass half full in my life, and so instead of pointing out what's wrong about Salesforce and can be improved, I only want to say thank you to the Ohana for the fantastic job "we" do every day (believe me, this is not some sort of self-promotion because I'm being awarded a SFDC hero, this is something I truly believe...I have to dedicate a good part of my success to the community and Salesforce itself!)

Q. How much you are convinced with the concept of SFDC Hero?

Like the Salesforce Trailblazer program or the MVP program, I believe the SFDC Hero concept is something that strenghten the value of the community. I come from Italy and I live in an island called Sardinia: I believe that, exception made for italians and other selected European pals, even if big enough to be seen on the world map, this is not well known worldwide.
Thanks to this kind of programs, people can discover me (a small italian guy) and my culture, pointing the light on me...this is an amazing node for worldwide connection between places and people!

Q. Few motivational words you want to share for the betterment of the new people in Salesforce?

Sometimes people get to me asking how I got to be an MVP and how/where I find enough time to do all the things I do everyday. The answer to this is that you have to find a way to do what you love at work: this way you won't work a day in your life!
Besides this, I encourage people to leverage their ideas and share it with everyone, to allow them to grow bigger and bigger.

Q. Why you chosen Salesforce as your career?

It happened by chance thanks to the company Ive been hired into 9 years ago.

Q. Since how long have you been serving the Salesforce Community?

Actively since I opened my blog, around 2013

Q. Why do you think you should be chosen as the SFDC_Hero?

In the last 2 years I have created a success free chrome extension (the ORGanizer for salesforce) for dev/admin/users, written posts about SF, being elected MVP (2 years in a row), founded Milano and Cagliari developer groups (italy), twitted like a crazy, also 15 Salesforce certifications in less than 3 years, this year I-ll also be a DF17 speaker for the first time.

Q. How many ideas you have posted on Salesforce Community?


Q. Complete the sentence. SFDC HERO is.......

a person who shares his passion and love for Salesforce and make people follow him, he-s a recognized Salesforce leader.


I'm a Technical Architect at WebResults (Engineering group, an Italian Salesforce consultant firm) and a Salesforce MVP since 2016. I'm a Salesforce-aholic, I breath Salesforce, have breakfast, lunch and dinner with Salesforce, I dedicate all my free time to Salesforce...I have to thank my wife on my knees for not being "jealous" with this passion and for letting me bring my work forward :)

I'm also the proud creator of the Organiser for Salesforce Chrome & Firefox extension (organizer.enree.co) that is amazingly supported by our fantastic Ohana! On the same time I keep managing my Nerd at Work blog (blog.enree.co), fully dedicated to Salesforce tech stuff and more (since 2013) and keep contributing with open source stuff on my GitHub account.

I'm also co-leading the Milano and Cagliari Salesforce Developer Groups and trying to link all Italian DUGs together in an awesomly big national DUG the Italy Salesforce DUG, see (http://italia.ohana.community). I also hosted a tech session at Dreamforce 17 for the first time! Besides the love for technology, I'm a drum player and a heavy metal fan, although I cannot dedicate the right amount of time to this passion...and yes, I'm Italian so I love spaghetti and pizza!



Salesforce Certifed