How often Do you hassle yourself with the Tedious task of finding one person particular activity or your group activities pertaining to one particular Lead, account, contact or the opportunity. We all know It’s a tedious task and every time you have to create a report for that. Don’t you Despise Navigating through different objects in order to Find one singular activity So folks Buckle Up because those days are through with the activity manager we have overcome this dull and unsophisticated task of tracking an activity.

The Activity Tracker implements a record level Activity Management with just a bang of a button on Leads, Contacts, Accounts and Opportunities. Now you can Track and Record sales Activities Incisively, the filters which can be accessed by the clients according to date effortlessly and a one stop glimpse of all the exposed and closed enterprise. Activity manager is not only Sales restricted, But has a broader perspective and acumen on performance of the administration. The activity manager is responsible for facilitating all aspects of an activity program, from planning of product and business development projects up to production, launching and post-launch evaluation. Now you know that the time which you waste navigating through different objects in search of tasks and events can now be utilize to have more Productivity and Growth.

Activity Tracker

The application Created by SaaSnic Technologies is an explication for this. The application abolishes the constraints of the conventional approach in which the communication points were forecasted on legitimate basis namely daily, monthly or quarterly and monitoring the activities was a sophisticated assignment.

Our experts have enriched the activity tracker application by providing one-click flexibility and tranquility for our esteemed clients. It has enabled system administration to retain a convenient track on sales activities. Enumerate this robust tool for your management company and you can accomplish the paramount and dynamic productivity. Activity tracker application is a natal abstraction with Activity tracker dominates some of the offbeat and new-fangled aspects in Salesforce. With the usage of elementary filters, Salesforce like User Interface and persuasive Real time Activity Management sets ACTIVITY TRACKER aside.

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