Salesforce Application Development

Salesforce Appexchange is a leading business app marketplace. The apps on Appexchange are specially developed for the Salesforce platform, expanding salesforce utility to almost all fields of business. It has apps related to sales, customer service, marketing, operations, accountancy and much more. These apps have thousands of positive reviews and installations from businesses around the world. The app exchange has Salesforce compatible social apps like LinkedIn, MailChimp, Gmail etc.

With mobile platforms being optimised and cost-effective, people have replaced desktops with mobiles. Some mobiles are even powerful than desktops.

Building a Custom App For Your Business

A custom app represents your business. It invokes brand value among your customers. With increasing demand for mobile-based service, it is not wrong if we were to say that the future of the web is the mobile.

People Favour Mobile

In 2016, mobile usage for browsing the internet exceeded desktop usage by 2%. A survey found out that people favoured the usage of mobile platforms to browse, text, answer emails and watch videos.

If the above reasons don’t convince you of the importance of mobile apps, here are a few more.

  1. An average person spends more than 2 hours a day on his smartphone. He browses the web, texts, answers calls and emails through the phone.
  2. An app lets a business directly with its customers. This enables the building of brand loyalty & long term relationship between a business & its customers.
  3. Mobile apps help businesses spread brand awareness. They also let businesses hand over in-app bonuses and coupons.
  4. A mobile app can serve as a marketing channel. It is easy to collect information through mobile apps
  5. Mobile applications allow you to take feedback directly from the customers.
  6. If you are a service provider, booking a consultation and setting remainders is relatively easy through mobile apps.

Steps Involved in Building an App

  • Research: An idea is the key factor in any app. Define clearly what you wish to achieve through your app
  • Wireframing: The next step is to draw a wireframe model of the app. Sketching a detailed outlook of your idea of app helps guide the development in the right direction.
  • Assessing Technical Feasibility: After a clear understanding of the visuals of the app, technical feasibilities need to be evaluated.
  • Prototype: Build a rough prototype of the app. This is just to test the usability of the app.
  • Design and Develop: This stage is the most complex part of app development and includes coding. Front end and back end of the app must be coded in this stage.
  • Testing: Testing the app at regular intervals is a good habit. The app must be tested for compatibility, readability, security and performance.
  • Deployment: This is the final phase of the app development process. Launching of the app across various platforms takes place in this stage.

Salesforce App Development

Salesforce Appexchange has a feature to develop apps easily. The platform allows users to develop custom apps. These apps can be integrated into the Salesforce platform.

App Development Consultants

We don’t want you to view this whole App Development idea as an added expense to your budget. The whole worlds are relying on mobile applications and are generating huge revenues. We have the technical acumen to help you make the right decisions and get the most out of your businesses.

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