Pardot Marketing Automation for Salesforce

Marketing is one of the important aspect of business. Without the marketing a business operation will fail incorrigibly. It requires many dynamic ideas and up to date knowledge as well as a very good networking. With the automation in marketing, this task is eased up incomparably. Marketing Automation basically refers to software platforms able to automate the repetitive tasks. The purpose is to achieve greater effectiveness and to measure and quantify marketing ROI. Marketing Automation tools handle such tasks:

  • Email Marketing and Landing Pages
  • Marketing Campaigns Management
  • Contact Scoring
  • Lead Management and Integration with CRM
  • Social media Marketing
  • Marketing Analytics

Now, as we know the automation often brings about the miss in the personal touch and the clients do not feel very connected to their service providers. Salesforce has come up with a new tool to solve this problem too.

Salesforce is one of the best CRM Company. It has rolled out several new updates and upgradation according to the need of the business operators all over the world. Pardot Automation is also one of the services provided on the Salesforce platform. This is majorly used as an email marketing tool in order to coincide with the Salesforce campaigns.

Let us understand this by quoting an example.

Assume that you have an event specific Salesforce campaign, and you wish to take this event as an opportunity to extend your network. Well, it sounds like one of a herculean task as it is a large scale event. In this scenario, Pardot comes into business as eases up all the manual work. All you have to do is integrate the list of event attendees available on your Salesforce platform into a Pardot drip campaign. This will allow you to stay connected to these leads after the event has been ended. This will prove as a marketing strengthening tactic.

This is one of the most valuable aspects of Pardot Automation in Salesforce that it can generate contact forms that can be further used by the company for expanding their leads in business. It moves one step further as these contacts information can be customized as per the requirement as to what is deemed necessary to follow up with your leads. This can also be integrated seamlessly into a number of websites, for an instance,WordPress.

Pardot contact information forms are put up on the company’s website. If once someone fills out this form on thecompany’s website, it can set up the following automated lead marketing process through the Pardot Marketing Automation platform:

  • Contact information is taken and stored for further use in a dynamic list of website leads in Pardot.
  • The list of Website Lead is input into the ongoing email campaigning process.
  • Now, the new lead is automatically sent an email, which can also be personalized to the specific contact information entered. This personalization may include anything as including the first name, company, etc. as per the requirement of the purpose.
  • You can specify which email to send the new lead based on certain information the person entered. As, a different email will be sent depending on what industry the lead indicated.
  • A Salesforce user will be assigned to the lead based on whether the email was opened, the link in the email was clicked, or any other specification you notate.

Thus, the Pardot Automation transforms your business by handling the task of digital marketing with much ease. It allows the minds behind the computers to engage themselves in developing strategies than doing such work manually. Pardot Marketing automation handles the

  • Creation of landing pages and templates
  • Runs the dynamic and customized campaigns automatically
  • Adds the Google Adwords connector for better prospects
  • Automates the Lead Assignment
  • Generates the high quality leads
  • Calculates the Companys’ ROI and also optimizes the next steps for it

It speeds up the whole pipelining of the sales procedure.


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