Salesforce New Trends and Predictions For 2019

Ever since its inception in 1999, the Salesforce army has undoubtedly revolutionized the business world. From better client interaction to making well informed decisions, Salesforce has been only been a oneway storm. As a result of the vast impact Salesforce has had the past decade, numerous organizations await the possibility of new trends and predictions in the atmosphere of Salesforce. Here are some of the latest trends for the year of 2019:

1. Sales Metrics Aren’t Going to Be Very Centric

Not so long ago, customer experience was largely anticipated to become the quintessential sales metric. However, customer satisfaction made its way to becoming the most important sales metric and this trend of variable peak sales metrics is bound to continue. There is no one single metric if focused solely upon will boost sales but there’s one thing that can be inferred upon and that’s the value of customer relationships. Most of the top sales metrics revolve around customer relationships and here’s how you can kickstart your new journey into CRM and become a master of skillful customer interactions.

2. Standards for Commission

“Close the deal and seal the veal” was how things used to work. Nowadays, the magnitude of commission doesn’t depend wholly on the deal size but on the future prospects of the newly acquired client. If the new convert is able to bring in more sales, a higher commission is marked against the name of the respective sales rep. These standards for commission are prone to change and could witness yet another turn this year. Using SaaSnic, you can choose a tailormade CRM approach for your type of industry. We have varying packages and offers for different industries. Click here to learn about which of our services suit you best.

3. Data Over That Gut Feeling

The onset of data analytics and the ability to get into the minds of customers have enabled businesses to better focus their energy on more convertible clients and close sales quickly. Targets are well defined and the probability of success is gradually hitting the roof. Sales reps no longer have to rely on their intuition but can rely on data backed statistics to make decisions and this trend is something that will continue in 2019 unless something disruptive along the lines of data analysis pops us. SaaSnic is known for providing tons of services for very nominal prices. Click here to learn more.

4. Evidence of Artificial Intelligence

AI is a fascinating avenue and the prospect of teaching a machine something is nothing short of greatness. Decisions such as which emails or calls to give a higher priority to are just the start of a long series of groundbreaking disruptions that AI could bring to the table of sales. CRM in itself is a powerful tool but if AI joins hands with full force, the possibilities are virtually limitless. Who knows: A robot could probably trigger a client’s weak points and make sales faster than anybody! The adoption of AI as an active element is expected to grow by a whopping 155% by 2020.

5. The Search for Smarter Searches

Studies reveal that potential clients are more likely to make a purchase when indulged in a search. Only time can tell what would happen if the search bar is governed by an AI database responsible for feeding and tailor-making highly personalized keyword suggestions to clients.
The result would be a skyrocket in conversion rates and sales made. As the AI aspect of sales is still very much premature, organizations quick to capitalize on this daring adventure could very much strike gold.

6. Chatbots Will Make Tons of New Acquaintances

Chatbots are increasingly being adopted by a myriad of businesses to better understand their customers’ needs and wants. An unsurprising spike in conversations between people and chatbots is very much expected to happen and this just goes on to highlight the sort of impact that technology has had on the process of sales and how companies are willing to adopt to newer technologies as soon as possible.

7. Blockchain is Around the Block

Well, look who’s here. It’s that chain guy again. Blockchain has a massive potential to truly disrupt sales but it’s still very early to predict. Few businesses are experimenting with blockchain but widespread acceptance of blockchain is still faced with a bit of hesitation and apathy. CRM and blockchain would become one explosive combination, that’s for sure.

8. Outsourcing

Well, it sounds rather ridiculous but outsourcing a business’ sales function is apparently a thing. By letting other data centric organizations do the research and generating more convertible leads, businesses can focus more on what it is that they strive to provide or manufacture. This trend is predicted to climb up a steep curve as the belligerent hunt for more sales simply never ends and bringing elements like big data to the mix only spikes sales prospects.

Those were 8 trends and predictions that could surprise us this new year.

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