What Is Cloud Storage & Its Benefits For Business

Cloud Computing has rapidly changed the way we store sensitive data, both personal and professional. The basic concept is that of storing data “in the cloud,” or remotely via an Internet connection. Cloud-based storage is made through large server farms located throughout the world, which are either owned by dedicated cloud-based companies or rent space to various cloud services.

While some businesses have embraced this new storage platform, others are holding back for a variety of reasons. Security concerns initially contributed to reservations, but professional cloud storage companies have demonstrated that the risks are no greater for cloud-based storage than with any other form of Internet transaction. If your company is considering making the switch to cloud storage, you may not be aware of the numerous benefits of this technology. Here are just a few of the advantages of Cloud storage that I’ve seen in the IT industry.

Cost effectiveness

Data storage can prove to be quite costly. If your company owns and maintains its own servers, you’re paying for the cost of the hardware. The human resources cost of the people who manage and maintain your servers, whether it’s an outsourced company or your own staff, can add up over time. Cloud-based storage providers typically charge a low monthly fee that gives you all the space you could ever need, without having to invest in hardware or pay for maintenance.


With cloud storage, you pay only for the server space you actually use, rather than the space you might eventually need. Contrary to what businesses think, upgrading your storage isn’t complicated. Instead, you simply add more space to your plan. It’s just that simple. And in the case that you use far less space than you originally anticipated, you can always reduce your data package.

Improved security

Professional cloud-based service businesses ensure that they’re using the latest encryption standards and digital security measures to protect their customers’ data-their business depends on keeping their customers’ information safe. Additionally, cloud storage uses multiple servers to back up and secure data, so there is no single point-of-failure. If one machine fails, your information is still secure. That’s peace of mind you can’t get working off a single network or server.

Anywhere access

Another great advantage of cloud storage is the ability to access your data from anywhere with an Internet connection. With a growing workforce across the country and around the world, this is an essential feature-and the deciding factor for many IT Services companies, both large and small.


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