Why Cloud Storage is Better and Secure?

When paying to an e-commerce vendor or when making any banking or financial transaction online, the thing which a customer is largely concerned about is safety and security. But, the online safety and security is not just limited to online payment gateways, data that is saved on cloud storage also comes is also found to be under threat. Though cloud storage is particularly inventive in every sense, it has been to be under several scrutiny issues in recent years. So before giving hold of sensitive data to a third party cloud storage service provider, it is better to know if your data is really safe and secure.

Here, in the post, we have tried to bring out some keynotes about online data’s safety and security that is saved on cloud storages. Cast your glance on the information provided in the following to have better understanding of cloud storages. The post also gives an overview of what makes cloud storage better and secure.

The post given below is necessarily required not to be skipped if you are concerned about safety and security of your cloud service. Please have a look on the points:

Make Sure, Your Online Data is encrypted

Encryption is the first line of defense for a cloud storage system. The first thing that you need to make sure is – has your data been encrypted with complex web algorithms while being put into a cloud-based storage device. The complex algorithm makes the encryption key inaccessible for hackers further making the encrypted information untraceable.

Though it takes a significant time and fluent knowledge of software and web-languages to encrypt a cloud system, once executed, it becomes hard to decode the encryption key for a hacker. When a hacker tends to steal sensitive information from a cloud storage system, they seek a method to decrypt and decode the data stored on cloud. But, if data has been on a cloud-based storage and locked further with an encryption key, they can never have access to your data saved online.

Thus, in light of the aforementioned information, it can be concluded that your every piece of sensitive information and data files stored on a cloud storage device is even far safer than your local drive.

Why Encrypt Data before Storing it On Cloud?

 “I don’t need a hard disk in my computer if I can get to the server faster… carrying around these non-connected computers is byzantine by comparison”, Steve Jobs, co-founder, former CEO and chairman of Apple Inc. spots it right about cloud computing and storage devices. Cloud is the future of computing and how computing work will be commenced in the near future.  For many, security of online data is a principal concern; nevertheless, cloud services are safe for use. But, make sure that the online data has been encrypted before storing it in cloud. So, it’s better to combine the encryption feature when it comes to making data safe and untraceable for hackers.

Cloud storage service is for everyone. But those who don’t know how to encrypt files and data before saving it on cloud, it’s wise to find a cloud storage service. Though there are several free and open-source cloud services, it’s wise to choose a pay-for-cloud service when you need an online drive for commercial or business purpose. It’s affordable and more secure than free cloud-storage services with high-end encryption.







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