Data Duplication and redundancy can lead to a ton of huge confusions in the system, which as a result can create various unmanageable issues. This app of Salesforce is developed by the expert’s of SaaSnic Technologies to help Salesforce Users. With the usage of this app, users can merge up to 10 contacts and accounts within a single click of the button. It allows you to work on all the standard objects. At the end, a single entry will be generated with all the necessary fields.

The Contact Merge app is designed by the experts of SaaSnic Company with a validation of merging up to 10 contacts and accounts in a single click.

  • Duplicate data can easily be merged in Salesforce under one master record.
  • Once the Master record is created all the existing records will get automatically deleted from your database.
  • It offers the user-friendly dashboard to its customers.

This app offers all the Salesforce users to initially search and then merge all duplicate records under a single name database. The client can apply filters as per the requirements. The installation process is very easy and requires no technical background knowledge or configuration. This app installation will cancel out the need for cutting and pasting the data from one record to another, which will lead to better data accuracy and even save a lot of time.

These Are Some Of Must Have Features We Have Considered Given Below

  • As per the client requirements, you can apply filters on the records to create a master record.
  • The clients can merge up to 10 contacts and accounts in a single click under one new name.
  • Remove all the duplicate data from the records available in Salesforce database.
  • A unique name will be assigned to the new data.
  • It will display all the selected field and wait for the confirmation.
  • The single duplicates will be merged within the Salesforce using simple interface.
  • After merging the previous data will get deleted from the database.