Non-profit Organizations and Higher Education

90% of the businesses work to generate profits. The remaining 10% simply work for the society. Such non-profit organizations need adequate support to stay afloat. SaaSnic began providing technical assistance to such companies with hopes of giving back to the society. At the moment, SaaSnic supports around 20 Non-profit organizations and strive to increase that number. It’s instrumental to make a difference whilst focusing on one’s business objectives.

Higher education is another avenue of focus for SaaSnic. Nowadays, a simple undergraduate degree is rarely sufficient. To keep oneself updated with the rapid changes in technology, a postgraduate degree is quintessential. SaaSnic provides state-of-the-art development and support solutions to several universities. Colleges and such educational institutions often require hefty and prosperous system demands. SaaSnic is the one stop solution for all of their massive requests.

What SaaSnic offers?

SaaSnic Technologies have had an impact in several domains including: app development, CRM, Site Design etc. The Salesforce CRM tool is a simple yet powerful one in streamlining a business’ communications and follow up regimes. The ability to view all information about prospects on a single platform is scintillating. Moreover, such organizationscould improve their efficiencies and boost revenues. Universities could maintain CRM to maintain their students’ records or caterers’ expenses etc.

Salesforce Quick start package

For non-profit organizations and educational institutions, IT solutions may seem complicated. The Salesforce Quick start package is a boost-up pack to get organizations into Salesforce ASAP. To those of you who don’t know much about the Salesforce world, this is an ideal start. Our salesforce consultants will help you realize the benefits of a CRM implementation. Moreover, you will gain a fresh new perspective of how your competitors are doing well. Here are some of the key features of our Quickstart program:

  • Rapid deployment for growth of business.
  • Certified professional assistance for CRM implementation.
  • Reporting and analytical tools for enhanced perception of your business scenario.
  • World class design, highly efficient implementation and customizability of functionalities.
  • End-user demo sessions with real life examples to help you get the most of your new solutions.

Another thought-provoking package offered by SaaSnic is the offshore Salesforce Development. We don’t have to be there in the same city or state as of the organizations seeking our support. We provide offshore and remote assistance whilst maintaining a strong contact with all of our clients.

Cloud Solutions

Cloud solutions are what’s super popular right now and it’s not surprising. The ability to transfer and maintain your data on cloud servers and not on physical servers is quite fascinating. Your information is accessible anytime and literally anywhere. The only thing required for accessing your data is a stable internet connection. In addition to that:

  • Data maintenance costs go down.
  • There is real time synchronization of data across all of your devices.
  • Smooth integration processes of applications and services takes place.
  • Highly efficient collaboration of your work is possible.

Salesforce Community Portal

We provide another quirky little package called the Salesforce Community Portal. Could you visualize a business scenario where the client, manufacturer and the employee all interact on a common platform? The result would be a highly satisfied client thanks to excellent customer service.

As part of our standard community portal implementation service we provide:

  • Custom restrictions per profile for portal participants so you monitor what they see and don’t.
  • Hands-on training to manage users with login functionalities.

Tailor Made Solutions

All of the above-mentioned solutions are a few of the myriad of services provided by SaaSnic. Depending on the type of enterprise you are, we have designed tailor made solutions to help you get the most out of your investments. We categorize our solutions on the basis of:

  • Services and technology
  • Industry
  • Business type
  • Location

App Development

App development is another field of expertise that SaaSnic takes immense pride in. The extremely talented engineers at SaaSnic develop robust and succinct solutions for all of the intricate problems out there. Developing custom and ready-to-deploy applications targeting mobile or desktop users is at the core of SaaSnic’s objectives. Additionally, the development of 3rd party applications for the integration into the Salesforce ecosystem is another avenue where SaaSnic has made giant strides. The integration leads to higher functionality and an overall better management.

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