Keep up the pace with an end-to-end scalable, mobile and flexible solution for organizations.

We are experienced in cooperating and lending guidance Non-Profits and Educational Institutes. Some of Non-Profits organizations yearning to have hefty and prosperous system demands to have boisterous and innovative pack. Our company supports about 20 Non-Profit organizations and we are aiming for more and more.

SaaSnic Technologies help the Non-Profit and Higher Education institutes and organizations to stay connected and with the help of social, mobile, and cloud applications.

Our company offers real-time insights to help organizations target their communications. It helps in engaging with the applicants in a better and much more meaningful approach. We are known to transform the marketing and grow the business of the organizations.

What SaaSnic offers?

  • Seamless communication of students, alumni, and parents with the institutes.
  • Delivery of personalized content and perfectly enabling the 1:1 experience in any query or problem solving.
  • Pardot, Lightning, Marketing cloud integration customized with the business requirement.
  • Delivery of innovative strategic services helpful in giving out a high performance and create a positive change.

SaaSnic Non Profit

  • Management of donor and granter applications
  • Multichannel financial processors and systems
  • Innovative mobile experience
  • Analytical capabilities & Reporting
  • Data aggregation for program management

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