Salesforce QuickStart Package: Kickstart your CRM journey ASAP

For businesses looking to kickstart their CRM journeys, the Salesforce Quickstart Package is an absolute blessing. We provide state-of-the-art consultancy services to precisely identify the objectives of a CRM implementation.

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Getting your Salesforce platform (trial / paid) version ahead of consulting is the best way to beginning. If you are bit uncertain about the version to take, a meeting with our expert consultant would offer you the clarity you seek.

Use our scheduling tool to time the remote consulting session at your suitable time. The required links for conference as well as screen share are included.


Our Packages include

Salesforce configuration packages

  • Set up basic Sales Cloud Architecture
  • Account Set up & Lead Management Process
  • Set up & Customize Service
  • Forecasting & Email Configuration

Meeting Review session

  • Configuration for your review and feedback
  • Business process review
  • Remote screen share session
  • Sketch your business process
  • Reflecting where Salesforce can assist you

End user training

  • How Salesforce grow your business.
  • Introduction of fields ,objects, list views, rules & permissions
  • Guide to use navigation & workflows
  • Learning of Documentation, recording, tracking & analysis
  • Business process adoption

Reports & Dashboard

  • Dashboard configuration
  • Tracking and Management
  • Visibility in sales pipeline
  • Reporting & analytics
  • Rules & permission access

The Salesforce Quick Start package comes with a myriad of configuration modules such as:

  • Basic Sales Cloud Architecture
  • Account set up and lead management processing.
  • Customization of services.
  • Email configuration and forecast.

You could use the above configuration modules to get the most out of your newly implemented Salesforce solutions.

Here are some pressing reasons why you must give the Salesforce Quick Start Package a shot

Fast Track Deployment

Our consultants take the fast track when it comes to formulating a flawless plan. Quick to follow is all the other intricacies involved in implementation finally succeeded by the deployment. We possess an incredibly talented bunch of experts capable of getting you on your feet in no time at all.

Certified Expertise Guidance

Efficient salesforce CRM support is the most critical aspect of a CRM provider. SaaSnic takes great pride in imparting certified guidance via its dedicated team of customer service. Transitioning into Salesforce seems like a daunting task with the onset of tons of new changes. From data presentation to entering and storing data, there is always scope for confusion and chaos but don’t fret! We got you covered.

Analytics & Reporting for The Better Visibility of Your Business

Conducting analysis and generating reports of your present business scenario help you to gain a fresh perspective of where you are standing regarding your overall objectives. You could also gain some insight regarding what you could do differently to edge closer to your better-performing companies. Upon comprehending your setbacks and problems, our consultants set sail to propose tailor-made solutions to help your business propel to the top. There is also the added provision of a dashboard configuration suited to meet your needs best. You even attain the visibility of your sales pipeline thus enabling you to take better-informed decisions.

End User Training Sessions

We take the responsibility to equip your employees with the necessary technical know-how to handle the newly implemented solutions. We do not expect you to go through bulk textbooks to understand how our solutions function. We believe in practical and hands-on learning and help you to attain a firm grasp of all major functionalities in the implemented Salesforce Solutions. As part of the Salesforce Quick start Package, you are eligible for exclusive training sessions with real-life examples to help you comprehend all the little nuances involved in Salesforce. We help you get a knack in documentation, recording, tracking, and analysis using Salesforce.

Professional Design

Our programmers have the necessary technical understanding to utilize the most aesthetic and efficient designs in any instance of Salesforce CRM integration into your business. Our professional design has received heaps of praise from several clients.

Implementation and Customization

We carry out super-fast execution and provide high degrees of customization to make our solutions as viable as possible. We want our applications to fit in as relevantly as possible to your organization’s requirements and standards.

Businesses just starting or those who want to integrate Salesforce into their existing business scenario ASAP must try out the Salesforce Quick Start Package. It’s the ultimate concoction of expertise, reliability, and punctuality.

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