Salesforce CRM is the organization’s approach to maintaining interactions and relationship with their customers. It involves everything including lead generation, customer acquisition, sales, customer retention and many more.

What are your benefits?

  1. Increased productivity
  2. Increased profitability
  3. Collaboration across departments
  4. Accurate sales metrics
  5. Customer retention
  6. Better return on investment

Salesforce as a CRM

Salesforce is the world leading Customer Relationship Management platform. About 150000 companies use Salesforce as their CRM platform.

  • Salesforce has about 16% market share of the global CRM software market and is the top contributor right now. The CRM market is predicted to increase by 13.6% every year and is currently valued at 20.4 Billion Dollars.
  • Salesforce has a number of products integrated into a single dashboard. All your marketing, sales, customer service, app integrations can be visualised and controlled at a single place.
  • Salesforce is a cloud-based Customer Relationship Management platform. Being cloud-based avoids the hassles of installing and maintaining software.
  • Salesforce has a simple layout and a user-friendly user interface. Anyone with limited technical knowledge can use the dashboard.
  • Salesforce has a platform that lets you integrate 3rd party apps to you Salesforce dashboard. All your customer emails, forms, chats can be accessed from your dashboard.

Why to Hire Salesforce Consultant?

Choosing the right consultant is very important and your entire project might depend on it Heres why,

External Opinion : Business leaders already know what they are doing. They have everything figured out. They even have an idea of how to solve the problem the business is facing. They still hire consultants. Why? To get a fresh perspective of the problem and the solution; to get external validation.
Looking at the problem through outside person’s eyes can open up new solutions and strategies.

Expertise : A consultant is an experienced personnel in his field. Often, the problems your business is facing might require expertise in the field that your team is not well versed in. In such cases, hiring a consultant is a good option, to help you stop from creating blunders.

Identify Subtle Problems : Your business might be having a problem that’s unidentifiable by your team. Consultants can be hired to identify problems that are too subtle for the organisation to identify.

Lack of time : You know what your next course of action is, but simply lack time. A consultant can do the work for you, enabling you to concentrate on other important tasks.

Mentoring : A consultant may be hired for teaching and mentoring your employees. Imagine that you desire to integrate software like Salesforce into your business. Nobody in your team has knowledge regarding the subject. In such a case, hiring a highly trained professional consultant is the best course of action your company can undertake.

How Can a Company Benefit From CRM?

Salesforce is the world leading Customer Relationship Management platform. About 150000 companies use Salesforce as their CRM platform.

  • The sales team can use CRM to understand their strategy better.
    Every strand of information regarding a sales team, their strategies, their sales success can be made available through CRM. The sales manager can use this data to visualize the effectiveness of his/her teams, and bring about necessary changes required for sales effectiveness. CRM also enables the sales team to concentrate on selling more and spending less time on maintaining data.
  • The marketing team can utilize CRM to make forecasting simpler and effective. Collection and analysis of information regarding the customers, right from lead generation to the actual sale is carried out. This helps the marketing team make accurate forecasts and to devise strategies for marketing campaigns.
    The marketing team can also get information regarding customers’ social media patters – their likes, brand loyalties etc.
  • Customer service team can understand customer concerns better.
    Monitoring conversations with customers across different channels- emails, chatbots, comments, texts, forums easily, grants the ability to solve customer concerns effectively.
  • CRM enables HR team to ease the recruitment process.
    HR team can use CRM to automate the recruitment process and also monitor employee performances.

We at Saasnic

Saasnic is a Salesforce consulting company. The highly trained and experienced professionals at Saasnic are well versed in every aspects of Salesforce Customer Relationship Management platform and provide service over wide range of businesses including real estate, E-commerce, retail, healthcare, automobile and many more.

Our consulting experts facilitate implementation of the Salesforce right from the beginning, helping your business to perform each of the specific tasks accurately and efficiently. Our team provides innovative solutions to problems and is trusted by clients worldwide. Now it’s your turn.

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