Solar CRM for Solar Company

Solar CRM a powerful Customer Relationship Management (CRM) system for the solar industry. Cloud based online system allows you a fully automated business process for sales and/or installation leaving you to focus on growth and profitability. Now you can leverage the same level of sophistication and experience used by the big solar companies. Solar is moving fast to next generation globally, and demand is increasing every moment. As per our survey through many companies, they are still depending on old fashioned business generating model and same old way execution.

Some times they are winning the deals because they acted quickly on inquiries and some times they lost it because they were busy or stuck in some projects.

We hence, has come up with solution where Solar companies can automate their Sales and execution model. You can now track of new lead, manage all Sales and Execution process. Better control on Installation team, project deadlines and transparency on expenses.

Our Solar app consists of fully customisable, the layout of which remains same on both desktop and mobile / tab. Agents Just need to enter the requirement of the customer like consumption, hourly requirement and other which can be calculate live in front of customer to present a quote and can also be send to his email id at the same time for his approval.

Energy Panels required will automatically come after the calculation of Total consumption or Energy required per day. Panels required can also be changed by increasing or decreasing the wattage of panels.

The same time, Agent can create an opportunity in the Database and Quote Name for future reference. This block provides the site address where installation is needed to be done.

Solar CRM

Contracts:- After getting an approval on quotation, Agent can create a contract with all the same detail of customer with e-sign and can send to his email id at the same time.

Projects:- Most useful feature for users. Gives Detailed info about a solar project. You can set a milestone to check the progress of project.

Installer:- Check the associated installer and its timings by Time Card with its receipts that can be attached in the billing expenses. Installer can be insourced or outsourced. This page gives information about him with the assigned project.

Payments: – It includes mode of payment for first advance payment or recurring one.

These Are Some Of Must Have Features We Have Considered Given Below

Lead Management (Commercial/Residential)

Account Management



Installation team

Installation Mile-Stones and Expenses

Auto Calculation of needed load

Quote and Contract

Online Payment Gateway

Service after delivery

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