Make the most from development, with an extremely powerful, scalable and secure cloud computing platform. is a Salesforce Platform-as-a-Service. It ‘s  a complete operating and development platform .The development framework enables administrators, programmers and business users to Create Applications Through the (Integrated Development Environment) And Deploy Them Quickly to Force.Com’s Multi Tenant Servers.

SaaSnic’s experts are consistently emerging with cost-effective solutions By putting secure platforms into the action.

web Application introduces plenty free of tools & middleware. For in-house development Salesforce develops the Applications based on App Exchange, Apex is a very object-oriented language that is similar to Java but very close to the database and allows companies to access the various number of salesforce App. Tasks are completed in less time with well planned strategy.

Many business processes and applications can be customized directly on the platform with no custom programming, with easy customizing via editors. For example, the data model can be changed without coding, and approval processes can be designed without any intervention in the code.

Advantages of

  • uses framework, which brings several benefits for users.
  • Data modeling and automation can be done without code intervention
  • Validations can be done without coding via formulas
  • Permissions, profiles and roles can be defined without coding
  • Very simple customization adjustment, there is an massive speed advantage for developers.
  • Numerous options through different apps like App Exchange

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