SaaSnic Product

Solar CRM

Solar CRM a powerful Customer Relationship Management (CRM) system for the solar industry. Cloud based online system allows you a fully automated business process for sales and/or installation leaving you to focus on growth and profitability. Now you can leverage the same level of sophistication and experience used by the big solar companies. Solar is moving fast to next generation globally, and demand is increasing every moment. As per our survey through many companies, they are still depending on old fashioned business generating model and same old way execution.

Some times they are winning the deals because they acted quickly on inquiries and some times they lost it because they were busy or stuck in some projects.


Contact Account Merge

Data Duplication and redundancy can lead to a ton of huge confusions in the system, which as a result can create various unmanageable issues. This app of Salesforce is developed by the expert’s of SaaSnic Technologies to help the Salesforce customer’s. With the usage of this app, users can merge up to 10 contacts and accounts within a single click of the button. It allows you to work on all the standard objects. At the end, a single entry will be generated with all the necessary fields.

The Contact Merge app is designed by the experts of SaaSnic Company with a validation of merging up to 10 contacts and accounts in a single click.